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Dr. Lori Zettell has long been driven by the desire to see every individual live their best, healthiest life. After all, that's one of the reasons she became a physician in the first place. However, after a decade working as a wound care specialist, she became increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional healthcare model that all too often included band-aid solutions, an ever-growing list of prescribed medications, and treatments that were reactive instead of proactive. Dr. Zettell saw so many patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, hypothyroidism and obesity, many of whom seemed old before their time. She really saw what a difference lifestyle choices make to our quality of life and began to feel the nudge to make a greater impact. When a fellow health professional introduced her to functional medicine, she knew this was what she had been searching for.


Dr. Zettell started seeing functional medicine patients in the fall of 2016 and soon realized the power of a full-body approach in truly bringing healing and wellness to individuals. Functional medicine requires commitment and a willingness to be active in taking control of your health, and while that may seem overwhelming or difficult, Dr. Zettell believes it doesn't have to be. She longed for a way to make it easier for people to say yes to healthier choices, and out of this passion grew her vision for the creation of a space to welcome, educate, and empower individuals on their journey to wellness. Outside The Box is the product of that vision. 

our mission


OBX Health exists to be a destination for improving overall health and wellness in the community through functional medicine, wholesome food offerings, education, and support in pursuing healthier lifestyle choices. Located in downtown Marshall, the back portion of our building houses Dr. Zettell's functional medicine office, with the Wellness Cafe in the front. The cafe provides healthy, wholesome food offerings with a strong emphasis on organic, locally-sourced, and hypoallergenic ingredients. As OBX continues to grow, things like exercise classes, cooking classes, educational lectures, group meetings, health coaching, and a nutritionist will be available on site. Outside The Box is continually developing and evolving, and our aim is to allow our growth and expansion to be primarily driven by the needs and desires of our clientele. Simply put, OBX is a hub... It's a place for coming and going, for learning and encouraging and empowering, for reading and chatting and eating, for working and playing, for laughing, and for living. It's a place about life, about going outside the box to help you to live a life where tomorrow is healthier than today. 

Call, email, check us out on social media, or drop on by. We would love to meet you! 

our services


functional medicine


Functional medicine is an approach that looks at the how and why of chronic symptoms and disease to address the root cause for each individual in order to restore and optimize health and wellbeing. It is highly personalized, and allows for a strong, problem-solving partnership between patient and practitioner. To learn more about our functional medicine services at Outside the Box, check out the Functional Medicine page. 

wellness cafe


There are a variety of factors affecting health, but your food choices are perhaps the most influential of all. Outside the Box Wellness Cafe strives to encourage improved community health by providing healthy, wholesome food offerings in a safe, welcoming, comfortable, and inspiring environment. We emphasize the use of organic, locally-sourced, and hypoallergenic ingredients, and our specialties include grain bowls & green bowls, soups, smoothies, pour-over coffees, and more. See the Wellness Cafe page for more information about our menu, our ingredients, our partners, and our hours.

healthy living


Everyone is at a different place in their health journey, and our goal at OBX is to meet you wherever you are at on yours. We firmly believe that improving health calls for a multi-faceted, whole-body approach. That's why we're committed to offering services like exercise classes, cooking classes, educational lectures, and group meetings. And the best part? It's all under the same roof as our Functional Medicine office and the Wellness Cafe. Check out the Healthy Living page to learn more. 

our team


Outside The Box is a busy place with lots of moving parts and pieces, and none of it would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing team. We are passionate about working to cultivate an environment that is comfortable, engaging, and encouraging, and we are here to serve you and partner with you as we all strive towards a more vibrant, sustainable, and healthy future. Click on each name or photo below to learn more about who we are and why we love what we do.

Dr. Lori Zettell, MD

founder & practitioner 

Meet Lacy...

Lacy Janousek

café barista 

Meet Laura...

Laura Valentine

café prep chef 

Nick Walker

facilities manager 

Meet Lauren...

Lauren Hackworth

café manager 

Ellery Walker

program assistant

Meet Cameo...

Cameo Bayes

fitness instructor & café barista

Meet Phoebe...

Phoebe Smith

café barista

Kate Pawlukiewicz

health coach & fitness instructor

Meet Georgia...

Dr. Georgia Balsley, ND

retail manager & practitioner

Meet Mark...

Dr. Mark Walker, MD


Meet Bree...

Bree Shepherd

café barista

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